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A Shaker Sister's Drawings : Wild Plants Illustrated by Cora Helena Sarle
Ann the Word : The Story of Ann Lee, Female Messiah, Mother of the Shakers
As I Remember It: A Detailed Description of the North Family of the Watervliet, N.Y. Shaker Community
Catalog Of Fancy Goods [search google]
Communal Societies Vol 13 1993 [search google]
Communal Societies Vol 7 1987 [search google]
Communal Societies, Vol 5 1985 [search google]
Communal Societies: Vol 15, 1995 [search google]
Consecretaed Ingenuity: The Shakers [search google]
Deadly Shaker Spring
Death of Winter Shaker
Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca Jackson, Black Visionary, Shaker Eldress
Gleanings from old Shaker journals [search google]
God Among the Shakers: Search for Stillness & Faith At Sabbathday Lake
Growing up Shaker [search google]
Handled with care [search google]
Holy Land: A History of the Alfred Shakers [search google]
In the Eye of Eternity: [search google]
Killing Gifts : A Shaker Mystery
Mother Ann Lee: Morning Star of the Shakers
Mother's First-Born Daughters: Early Shaker Writings on Women and Religion (Religion in North America)
O Sisters Ain't You Happy?: Gender, Family, and Community Among the Harvard and Shirley Shakers, 1781-1918 (Women and Gender in North American Religions)
Old Shaker Recipes [search google]
One Shaker Life: Isaac Newton Youngs, 1793-1865
Recapturing Wisdom's Valley: The Watervliet Shaker Heritage, 1775-1975
Seasoned With Grace: My Generation of Shaker Cooking (Shakers)
Seen and received: The Shakers' private art
Shackers Arts and Crafts [search google]
Shaker : Life, Work and Art
Shaker Articles and References in The Magazine, Antiques [search google]
Shaker Auction [search google]
Shaker Boy
Shaker Children: True Stories and Crafts
Shaker Communities, Shaker Lives
Shaker Hearts
Shaker Heritage Guidebook: Exploring the Historic Sites, Museums & Collections
Shaker Messenger [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Fall 1978 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Fall 1982 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Fall 1983 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Fall 1984 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Fall 1986 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Fall 1987 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Fall 1989 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Spring 1984 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Spring 1987 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Spring 1988 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Spring 1989 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Summer 1981 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Summer 1983 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Summer 1984 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Summer 1986 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Summer 1988 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Summer 1989 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Winter 1983 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Winter 1984 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Winter 1985 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Winter 1987 [search google]
Shaker Messenger- Winter 1988 [search google]
Shaker Songs: A Musical Celebration of Peace, Harmony and Simplicity
Shaker Spirit [search google]
Shaker Style
Shaker Sweetmeats: A keep sake from Hancock Shaker Village [search google]
Shaker Thoughts [search google]
Shaker Village Views
Shaker Your Plate: Of Shaker Cooks and Cooking
Shakers Arts and Crafts [search google]
Shakers World [search google]
Shaking The Faith: Women, Family, and Mary Marshall Dyer's Anti-Shaker Campaign, 1815-1867
Simple Gifts : A Memoir of a Shaker Village
Simple Gifts: Hands to Work and Hearts to God [search google]
Simple Wisdom: Shaker Sayings, Poems, and Songs
Sins of a Shaker Summer : A Sister Rose Callahan Mystery
Testimonies of the life, character, revelations and doctrines of Mother Ann Lee [search google]
The Best of Shaker Cooking [search google]
The Gift to Be Simple
The North Union Story 1822-1889 [search google]
The Peg Board Shaker [search google]
The People Called Shakers [search google]
The Sabbathday Lake Shakers [search google]
The Shaker Cook Book [search google]
The Shaker Experience in America: A History of the United Society of Believers
The Shaker Image [search google]
The Shaker Messenger [search google]
The Shaker Quarterly [search google]
The Shaker Sampler Coloring Book [search google]
The Shakers [search google]
The Shakers and the world's people
The Shakers and their homes: A concise history of the United Society of Believers called Shakers
The Story of the Shakers
The Town of Colonie 1980 [search google]
The Watervliet Shakers [search google]
Very pleasant reading [search google]
Visiting Utopian Communities: A Guide to the Shakers, Moravians, and Others
Vol IV : Guide to Printed Ephemera / Hancock [search google]
Water Vliet Shaker Cemetery [search google]
Watervliet Shaker Meeting House [search google]
We Thank Thee Kindly 1-1 [search google]
Work and Worship Among the Shakers