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The Shakers, a Protestant religious denomination officially called The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, originated in Manchester, England in 1747, and grew through the 1800's to 26 communities, with a peak of between 4,000 and 5,000 members in the 1860's, fading to only a final few by 2000. More about who are they ?
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Living Shakers
Sabbathday Lake, ME: Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village

Major locations
Watervliet, NY: Shaker Heritage Society: Watervliet
Pittsfield, MA: Hancock Shaker Village
Caterbury, NH: Canterbury Shaker Village
Mount Lebanon, NY: Mount Lebanon Shaker Village
South Union, KY: Shaker Museum At South Union
Pleasant Hill, KY: Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill
Enfield, NH: Enfield Shaker Museum
Other Locations, with more online information
Tyringham, MA:
Harvard and Fruitlands, MA:
Shirley, MA:
Enfield, CT:
North Union, Ohio: Shaker Heights
Union Village, OH: Lebannon
Watervliet, OH:
White Water, OH:

Locations lost to the web
Gorham, ME: [ Search ]
Alfred, ME: [ Search ]
Savoy, MA: [ Search ]
New Canaan, CT: [ Search ]
Sodus Bay NY: [ Search ]
Groveland, NY: [ Search ]
Busro, IN: [ Search ]
White Oak, GA: [ Search ]
Narcoossee, FL: [ Search ]
Museums (not on a Shaker Site)
Old Chatham, NY: Shaker Museum and Library
Fruitlands, MA : Fruitlands Museum
Shaker Historical Museum at Case Western Reserve:
Shaker Museum in Ohio:

Publications and references
Shakertown Shaker Bibliography:
Open directory Shaker References:
Shaker Study Groups & Online discussions
Western Shaker Study Group:
Rochester Area Shaker Study Group:
Sharon's Blog:
Hamilton Facebook group:

Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library:
NY Public Library Collection:
Winterthur Museum:
Hamilton College:
Shakertown Photo Archives:
Commercial Shaker Sites
Shaker Tavern:
Shaker WorkShops:
Shaker Furniture:
Shaker Store, Kildare, Erie:
DeWolfe and Wood Books:

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